Evergrey are digging deeper into their latest album, The Storm Within, and today they're teaming with Loudwire to bring you the new video for their duet with Nightwish vocalist Floor Jansen on the song "In Orbit."

The group invited longtime video director Patric Ullaeus and Revolver Film Company to join them and Jansen in a spacious venue to film the clip. The performance captures the eerie and desolate vibe of the song, which starts off dark and haunting and becomes more forceful as the keys and drumming pick up. The song is made all the more powerful by the vocal electricity generated by Evergrey singer Tom Englund and Floor Jansen, with the video coming to its conclusion by sealing it with a hug between the singers.

Englund reveals that the idea to ask Jansen to take part came from his wife Carina. "Floor is a personal friend and a major Evergrey fan, so it was discussed over a glass of wine between her and my wife, who asked her if she wanted to do the song," says the singer.

"In Orbit" is featured on Evergrey's current release, The Storm Within, an album that coincides with the band's 20th anniversary. Englund says of the landmark year, "I had a goal when I started Evergrey; I wanted to make 10 albums and that would fulfill my life plan. That's not something I ever thought I would accomplish. It's quite an amazing thing to be a band for 20 years and release albums that aren't sub-par. When I realized we'd done 10 albums in 20 years it was mind-boggling. I'm proud to say that out of all the albums we've released over the last 20 years, we've never released one that we didn't feel was the best we could do at that time. That goes for every song, every note, everything. That's why we don't do anything half-assed."

Evergrey's The Storm Within is out now and can be purchased via Amazon or iTunes. Keep up to date with the band's touring at this location.

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