We've got an extra special treat for you! We know you've been salivating for Exodus' new album, 'Blood In, Blood Out,' so we've teamed up with Exodus and Nuclear Blast to bring fans an eight-minute album teaser featuring pieces of all 11 tracks.

'Blood In, Blood Out' welcomes back vocalist Steve 'Zetro' Souza for his first Exodus album in 10 years. From the upcoming album, Exodus have already released the songs 'Salt the Wound,' which features Metallica / former Exodus guitarist Kirk Hammett, and the disc's title track. Both are absolute thrash-terpieces, and this album preview feels like the full record will be packed with ripping cuts.

"I'm gonna tell you right now, 'Blood In, Blood Out' is the best Exodus record by far," says Souza. "And I'm not saying that 'cause I just rejoined. Honestly, the musicianship of everyone in it, the writing, the lyrics, the lyrical content… everything all the way through. 11 killers, no fillers. I swear to God, and I mean it. I put out another record earlier this year with my other band, Hatriot, and I thought that was the greatest thrash record of the year, and I just have to say that that's probably the second greatest thrash record of the year. 'Blood In, Blood Out', by far, is amazing. It's awesome from top to bottom."

Check out Exodus' 'Blood In, Blood Out' album teaser above! The album will hit stores on Oct. 14, so to pre-order the record, click here. Also, Exodus will hit South America soon before embarking on a 2014 tour with Slayer and Suicidal Tendencies. Check out the full list of dates here.

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