Sad news to report out of Buenos Aires, Argentina. During an Exodus performance at the city's Groove venue, a fan went into cardiac arrest, later passing away in an ambulance as EMTs attempted to save the man's life.

Exodus fan Gustavo Molina was only 25 years old, and before his death, Molina played bass for the Argentinian thrash band Kronos. The tragic news was picked up by, and according to the source, a second ambulance was sent to the scene minutes before Molina was declared dead. Police also intervened, treating the incident as a "suspicious death" because "no signs of violence were detected."

Exodus paid tribute to the fallen fan via Facebook, even encouraging others to check out the music of Kronos:


This incident comes just one month after an American Exodus fan was jailed for eight days after posting lyrics from 'Class Dismissed (A Hate Primer)' onto his Facebook page.

Exodus' 10th studio album, 'Blood In, Blood Out' was released on Oct. 14. To pick up a copy of the ripping record, click here.