Falling in Reverse have unleashed the second single, ‘I’m Not a Vampire,’ off their debut album ‘The Drug in Me is You.’

On the track, frontman Ronnie Radke belts out an appealing chorus that will burrow in your head and linger there as he sings, “I'm insane / Well, I can feel it in my bones / Coursing through my veins / When did I become so cold? / For goodness sake / Where is my self-control? / If home is where my heart is / Then my heart has lost all hope.”

The song is complete with heavy guitar riffs and a serious guitar solo, plus soaring synthesizers along with crushingly upbeat drum patterns.

Radke’s hasty deliverance of witty lyrics makes this song a treat, as well: “My head is always spinning / From this dizzy, blurry vision / And my stomach has had enough / I feel like a lady / That is pregnant with a baby / 'Cause I'm always throwing up.”

One of the best and humorous parts of the song is when Radke cleverly sings “Hi, my name is Ronnie / I'm an addict / Daddy should've never raised me on Black Sabbath.”

Falling in Reverse manage to combine a retro sound with a modern twist through the song “I’m Not a Vampire.” Listen to the track below and watch the premiere of the song's video at KROQ.com.

For more on Falling in Reverse, read the interview we recently conducted with Ronnie Radke here.

4 Stars
Listen to Falling in Reverse, ‘I’m Not a Vampire’