Man and machine will collide to form a gnashing, gnawing tangle of cyber metal courtesy of Fear Factory on June 5. The long-running band will release the new album 'The Industrialist' on that very date in North America via Candlelight. It's a 10-song opus with a running time that clocks in at just short of an hour, which gives the band enough time to get in, rattle your brain, force you to mosh and/or headbang and then make its escape.

Vocalist Burton C. Bell has fashioned a concept in the lyrical narrative of 'The Industrialist." The singer shared some of the overarching details of the concept, which sounds like something out of 'The Terminator,' saying, "The album is a futuristic tale of an automaton, striving to survive by fighting for its existence within a desperate world.

"The lyrics tell the story while the music takes our industrial roots and blends them more perfectly than ever with our metal edge. And all without losing the sound that makes Fear Factory a machine of sonic devastation. " As if we would expect anything less from these cyber metal pioneers!

Bell finished, "Fear Factory fans of any era will not be disappointed."

'The Industrialist' is the second album that Bell wrote with guitarist Dino Cazares, who returned to the Fear Factory fold in 2009 after seven-year absence and a somewhat acrimonious split. The first result of their regrouped effort was 2010's 'Mechanize.'

That old feeling came rushing back for the second time in three years, with Cazares saying, "Collaborating with Burton again on the new album was like magic. Everything just fell into place naturally. It felt good to recapture the true sound of Fear Factory, taking it back to where it all started while raising it to new levels."

Rhys Fulber, the band's "secret weapon" member, also "factors" into the mix, literally. "Rhys has been our secret member," stated Cazares about the continued collaboration with the producer and electronics specialist. "He is the one producer who has been able to understand what we have been trying to accomplish from the beginning and has opened our eyes to new things without sacrificing our original sound. His talents in production and keyboard/samples has made Fear Factory stand out amongst the many bands of our genre."

The band will hit the road on May 1 with Shadows Fall, the Browning, the Devastated and Legacy of Disorder and they're sure to debut new material from 'The Industrialist.' A new batch of dates has been added to the initially announced run. Those are below.

May 7 | Masquerade | Atlanta, Ga.
May 15 | McGuffy's House of Rock | Dayton, Ohio
May 17 | Bottom Lounge | Chicago, Ill.
May 23 | Yost Theater | Santa Ana, Calif.