Here, we have two bassists who are the center of the rhythmic focus of their bands. Fieldy is one of the key songwriters in Korn, utilizing a combination of slap techniques, finger-picking, and left hand mutes, giving the band their signature groove. His downtuned playing takes on a myriad of influences from the Red Hot Chili Peppers to hip-hop. Fieldy's hip-hop influences bring in a dynamic to the Korn sound, implementing the swagger to their pioneering nu-metal sound.

G.C. Green is just as essential to the Godflesh equation as mastermind Justin Broadrick. His hulking bass lines provide the destructive element to the industrial band’s sound, freeing up Broadrick to conjur the atmosphere with his droning guitar sound. The song ‘Christbait Rising’ is a prime example of his ability to lock into a groove, inducing a trance-like state in the listener. Godflesh have dabbled with styles like breakbeat and hip-hop influences and Green adapted his playing to these styles incredibly well.

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