Concert safety continues to be a growing concern, and a veteran band is paying heavily for a past infraction. Ska/punk outfit Fishbone was ordered by a federal judge to pay a woman injured at one of their concerts $1.4 million.

According to ABC News, the cause of the accident came during a 2010 performance in Philadelphia when Fishbone vocalist and sax player Angelo Moore stagedove into the audience and landed on Kimberly Myers of Voorhees, N.J., knocking her to the ground in the process.

U.S. District Judge Jan DuBois stated in her ruling that even though Myers lost consciousness, the band "continued to perform as if nothing happened." It was later learned that Myers had broken her skull and collarbone in the incident.

DuBois also stated in her ruling, "Moore testified that every couple of months an ambulance is called to the concert venue." He had also stated in a February 2011 deposition that the band doesn't issue warnings about the act because it detracts from the show's "theatrics."

Myers claimed that she did not know that Fishbone were on the schedule when she went to see the radio show that night. She had previously settled with the other defendants in the suit.

The stage diving phenomenon has claimed several headline making casualties, including one last month in which a man died after stage diving during a Suicidal Tendencies-headlined show in Switzerland. More on that case can be read by clicking the button below.

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