Hot on the heels of the just announced Trespass America tour, Five Finger Death Punch have unleashed their new single, 'Coming Down.' It's a moody mid-tempo number with plenty of moshability, but there's also some provocative lyrics situated among the battering ram riffery and singer Ivan Moody's vitriolic bark. The best of both worlds, if you will.

When Moody sings, "I pull you under / Just to save myself," it's a chilling testament to looking out for Number One, which is something we all must done sometime in our lives. The song is a crunchy and angry anthem that speaks to the psyches of all segments of the population that likes a nasty riff and snarled vocal patterns, and easy-to-relate-to lyrical proclamations and declarations.

Sonically, the song pulls back when it needs to, only to clamp down on the jugular as the pulse and the pace quicken. From stem to stern, the song begs to be sung along to, mixing alternately screamed and sung vocals. This could easily be one of those songs used during a blow 'em up sequence in a big budget summer blockbuster. It has that kind of energy.

With 'Coming Down,' the third single off 2011's 'American Capitalist,' Five Finger Death Punch mesh melody with heavy artillery and the result is bonecrushing and memorable at once.

Listen to Five Finger Death Punch 'Coming Down'