Five Finger Death Punch have released another new song from their upcoming And Justice For None album. “When the Seasons Change” is a ballad, showing a lighter side of their knuckle sandwich metal.

So far, FFDP have shared “Fake” and “Sham Pain” from their newest album, pulling the classic move of saving the softer song for their third single. “This song is about loyalty, the kind of loyalty that doesn’t crumble in the face of adversity, which we have faced many times throughout our career and in our lives,” explains guitarist Zoltan Bathory. “This is a very human subject everyone can relate to and it is something this world can use more of.”

That adversity has led various members to seek treatment for substance issues. Thankfully, vocalist Ivan Moody is reportedly doing well and bassist Chris Kael is approaching three months of hard-earned sobriety. Drummer Jeremy Spencer has also struggled with addiction but has been clean for over five years.

FFDP reunited with longtime producer Kevin Churko for And Justice For None, which Spencer calls another fruitful endeavor. “We just understand each other so well,” says the drummer. “There’s a huge level of respect on both sides. He gets the best out of us.”

Check out Five Finger Death Punch’s “When the Seasons Change” above and get ready for And Justice For None to drop on May 18.

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