The beauty of Foo Fighters' current tour is you never know who might show up and be a special guest for the night. During a stopover at the FedEx Forum in Memphis Wednesday night (Oct. 7), the special guest was Chet Lott and there's a very cool backstory to his appearance.

According to NBC affiliate WMC Action News, Lott and frontman Dave Grohl went to high school together in Virginia and Lott's band bested a ninth-grade Grohl and his group in a Battle of the Bands. So when Grohl found out that Lott was in attendance, he had to have him come up onstage and take part in one of their songs. Grohl laid out the story of playing a song from Footloose and feeling they had it in the bag. "It was the greatest day of my life," recalled Grohl. "If my band can go on to win the Battle of the Bands, I would surely go on to become the greatest living rock star of all time. We knew there were other bands, but we knew they couldn't compete with us."

He added, "We f--king lost the Battle of the Bands. Tonight, the man that beat me in the high school Battle of the Bands -- don't boo him, he's a good man, evidently a better f---ing musician than I am -- if you're around here somewhere, get your ass up here!"

Lott came onstage and some good natured chatter took place with Lott telling Grohl, "We may have won the battle, but you won the war." Grohl kidded back, telling Lott with some snark, "Have a seat at the foot of my throne, Chet" as both Grohl and Lott joined drummer Taylor Hawkins in singing the Queen and David Bowie classic, "Under Pressure."

Though Lott may not be as well known as Grohl, he's done well for himself. The son of former Republican Senate leader Trent Lott has recorded professionally. Learn more about Lott and his music career at his website. As for Foo Fighters, you can catch them at these remaining stops on their current tour.

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