Former Coheed and Cambria bassist Michael Todd is ready to answer for his crimes, as he entered a guilty plea Monday (June 11) for robbing a Walgreens store for painkillers last July.

The Sun Chronicle reports that Todd was sentenced to serve one year of home confinement with a GPS monitoring system. Judge Renee Dupuis also gave the musician three years' probation, which was recommended by both sides. In addition, Todd must continue his drug treatment program and submit to regular drug testing for his current sentence to stick.

In one of 2011's most bizarre stories in the rock world, the musician entered the Attleboro, Mass. store, claimed he had a bomb and was ready to blow the place up unless he was given the pills, then took a cab from the store to the Mansfield Comcast Center where Coheed and Cambria were scheduled to open for Soundgarden.

Police were easily able to track him down and later arrested the musician at the venue. As a result of his actions, Coheed and Cambria severed ties with Todd and recently named Zach Cooper as their new bassist.

On a sad note, Todd's legal issues are just the least of his problems, as he recently revealed that he had been diagnosed with cancer.