Former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante and At the Drive-In / Mars Volta guitarist Omar Rodriguez-Lopez have teamed up to create the new project Kimono Kult. Both eccentric musicians have put out some odd forms of rock in the past, and from what we've learned about Kimono Kult, it has the potential to out-weird them all.

Musicians like Frusciante and Rodriguez-Lopez aren't the type to just sit around after departing from various projects. In fact, the duo have been longtime collaborators. Frusciante played on five of the Mars Volta's six studio albums and on many of Rodriguez-Lopez's solo endeavors. Rodriguez-Lopez has an unbelievably massive catalogue of music, also lending his talents to some of Frusciante's solo works.

In addition to Frusciante and Rodriguez-Lopez, Kimono Kult consists of Le Butcherettes vocalist / guitarist Teri Gender Bender, guitarist Dante White-Aliano, bass / violin / trumpet player Laena Geronimo and multiinstrumentalist Nicole Turley, who happens to be John Frusciante's wife.

The band's debut recording, 'Hiding in the Light,' is described as "four songs of electro / dub / afro-beat / avant-freak / jazz-like conversations of instrumental ecstasy." We're sold!

'Hiding in the Light' will be released digitally on March 4 via Neurotic Yell Records. To learn more about Kimono Kult and to pre-order 'Hiding in the Light,' check out the group's Bandcamp page.