If you're tuned into the hard rock industry, you've likely heard the name From Ashes to New buzzing about over the last few months. The up-and-coming rockers have scored a prime opening slot on the Five Finger Death Punch / Papa Roach tour this fall with In This Moment. Now it's time to get a little bit more familiar as Loudwire has teamed with the band to exclusively bring you the premiere of their "Through It All" lyric video.

This clip is a little more clever than many of the lyric videos you'll see, as the lyrics are rolled out as if they're a part of social media posts and Polaroids from a couple's relationship. The unique touch of adding the photo posts to go along with the lyrics provides a compelling visual and storytelling component.

From Ashes to New's Matt Brandyberry tells Loudwire, "The 'Through It All' lyric video is incredibly powerful to me. I think that most everyone have been in a relationship that has changed us in a way that whether we like it or not, has shaped us into the person that we are today. The visuals of this video are unlike anything out there right now and do an amazing job of relaying the lyrical content to the realities of not only how public a relationship on social media can be but also how much of yourself you have to let go to move on.”

"Through It All" is featured on From Ashes to New's Downfall EP, which is available right now through iTunes. The song will also be part of the band's new Day One full-length album, which is due this winter, and there's a PledgeMusic pre-order with some pretty cool incentives here. As previously stated, From Ashes to New will join Five Finger Death Punch, Papa Roach and In This Moment on dates in September and October. Check out their full itinerary here.

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From Ashes to New
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