If there was any doubt about how far Tim Commerford would go for his art, he likely erased it in Future User's "Mountain Lion" video when he injected himself with steroids and set himself on fire. That commitment is going one step further this Record Store Day as Commerford is literally bleeding for his art.

To celebrate the Record Store Day (April 18) release of the band's limited edition 12" version of the #steroidsorheroin album, Commerford is using his own blood to help color the 180-gram red-colored vinyl. There will also be a limited edition clear vinyl version of the disc available as well.

Future User have turned more than a few heads with their boundary-pushing videos, rather it be Commerford's doping or seeing John McEnroe get waterboarded in "Clockwork." The musician recently told Loudwire, " We’re making our own videos, we don’t have a film crew. We’re not able to fake it. So the easiest way to make a cool video is if you want to try to show something, [do it yourself]."

Commerford and his musical partner Jordan Tarlow recently released the #steroidsorheroin album, which also features the tracks "Medication Nation" and "Supernatural" which take on such topics as genetically modified foods and NSA spying. The disc is currently available via iTunes.

As for the Record Store Day offering, the vinyl will be hand-numbered and comes with special album art specifically for the occasion. Check out RecordStoreDay.com for more info on Future User's release as well as a listing of all the Record Store Day offerings.