He's been talking about it for a while, but according to Glenn Danzig, he will retire from touring after completing his current North American dates with Superjoint.

Danzig gave the news straight to us during an interview we filmed yesterday (Oct. 21) before his band's show at the PlayStation Theater in New York City's Times Square. When we asked how much time he thinks he's got left on the road, Danzig told us that this very tour would be his last. "I think this is going to be it," says Danzig. "I'll do some shows here or there, but I don't think I'm going to tour anymore."

The Misfits / Danzig / Samhain legend has said this before as long as a decade ago, announcing he would quit the road during a 2004 interview with Metal Edge. However, the horror punk icon has been very open about disliking the touring process as of late. This doesn't mean Danzig will stop playing shows, however, as he plans to sporadically perform when the time is right.

"We might do some Danzig Legacy things, but they'll be very intimate," Danzig explains. "Same thing if I do the Danzig Sings Elvis record, I want it to be more intimate where people can sit down and just watch the show … I know there are a couple of plans to go overseas and do some things there, but it will probably just be festivals." Danzig says the U.S. won't get anymore touring, but some one-off shows may be planned for the future.

Watch Danzig explain his retirement from touring in full in the clip above. Danzig's current North American tour with Superjoint still rolls on, finishing up Halloween night in Los Angeles. See the dates here. Danzig will release his long-awaited Skeletons covers album on Nov. 27.

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