"I know I'm gonna die one day and go to Hell, and I'm happy with that. I believe in God, but that doesn't mean I have to like him." - Goatwhore guitarist Sammy Duet

Goatwhore have returned in all their blasphemous glory with their new album 'Blood for the Master.' Fifteen years into their career, the band have yet to shift merciful for those they disagree with. Quite the opposite - 'Blood for the Master' is Goatwhore's most aggressive album to date, with the constant theme of shedding blood as a sacrifice to Satan.

The album begins with 'Collapse in Eternal Worth,' which literally kicks in after zero seconds beyond pressing "play." Along with blasphemous lyrical themes, Goatwhore guitarist Sammy Duet delivers a constant barrage of thrash and black metal riffs - bringing a unique atmosphere to the record as he constantly evolves his playing by sticking with a root note and using it as the basis for a myriad of both clean and dissonant chords.

Goatwhore pick up right where they left off with their 2009 release, 'Carving Out the Eyes of God,' yet the sonic barriers of their sound have expanded in new tracks such as 'Judgement of the Bleeding Crown,' which crams in the black metal influence heavily present in their earlier work.

This violent and addictive album is a must-hear for Goatwhore fans and extreme metal fans alike. The storm of 'Blood for the Master' hits hard and passes by quickly, leaving the listener rabid to give it another spin.

Check Out the Lyric Video for Goatwhore's 'Collapse in Eternal Worth'