It may be Godsmack frontman Sully Erna’s birthday today, but he just provided some news that should serve as a great gift for Godsmack fans worldwide. Godsmack hasn’t released any new music since their 2010 album ‘The Oracle’ and although the band has confirmed that they’ve been working on a new offering, very few details have been shared yet.

The first update provided by the band was a photo tweeted from the Godsmack account showing the guys hard at work in the studio in Florida. In a new tweet from Erna, he expands on that a bit offering up more details including just how far along in the process the band is:

But wait, there's more! Drummer Shannon Larkin also provided a more detailed update on sharing that they are back in New England and working on the new album and providing some photos from the studio:

Hey Everybody! Shannon here. A lot going on in Smack world. We wrote a bunch of new songs in Florida while our new HQ was being built in New England. Now here we are outside of Boston in a kick ass studio surrounded by Godsmack vibes and creating like maniacs! So many cool new tunes that I can tell ya it's gonna be hard to narrow these down to the best ones! I can't give anything away at this point, but wanted to let you real fans know that we are DEEP into this and feeling great about positive attitudes and massive progress! On behalf of Sully, Tony, Robbie, and myself: I know it's been awhile since you've heard from us, but we will make it worth your wait! Bringing the ROCK in 2014! Come on with it!!!
Shannon xxx

So 11 finished songs in two weeks certainly seems to put the band on track for a new disc in 2014 providing they don’t run into any setbacks – fingers crossed.

While 2013 was seemingly dedicated to recharging for the band and gearing up for the creative process, they still managed to work on some side projects. Most notably, Erna earned a starring role in a film getting a chance to show off his acting chops. The singer played a lead role in the action meets horror film ‘Army of the Damned,’ now out on DVD. Find out more about it below.