Welcome to the new era of Hinder! The band is teaming up with Loudwire to bring you the exclusive premiere of their new single "Rather Hate Than Hurt" featuring the band's new vocalist Marshal Dutton.

Regarding the track, Dutton tells Loudwire, "I think the lyrics are very relatable in this song. When someone has the ability to emotionally tear you apart, it's easier to focus on the anger than to accept the fact that you're just not that important to them. It's a terrible feeling. That's what 'Rather Hate Than Hurt' is about."

Dutton was recently officially named Hinder's new vocalist for their upcoming When the Smoke Clears disc. And "Rather Hate Than Hurt" is the perfect cut to show what he can do. The song starts off bluesy and soulful over a moody piano backing showing off Dutton's raspy delivery before picking up the aggression and proving that he can belt as well. In fact, the track offers plenty of note, with moments for bassist Mike Rodden and lead guitarist Joe "Blower" Garvey to shine as well.

Hinder, rounded out by rhythm guitarist Mark King and drummer Cody Hanson, are ramping up to the May 12 street date of their When the Smoke Clears disc. You can currently pre-order the disc via the band's PledgeMusic campaign or check out the pre-order bundle option at The Omega Order. You can also pre-order it via Amazon and iTunes. The album will be released by The End Records.

And look for the band on tour this spring. Their current dates can be found here. Plus, make sure you find your way to Grand Junction, Colo., in June. Hinder will be part of the inaugural Loudwire Music Festival taking place June 26-28 at the Jam Ranch.

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