Here's your bizarre story of the day. Popular rock band I See Stars were victim of a Facebook hacking yesterday (June 16). But here's the kicker… the culprits of the Facebook hack may have been members of a "terrorist organization."

Some of the posts, which have been removed, were posted in Arabic, so we can't translate them at the moment. However, links to Islamic YouTube videos were posted, as were simple messages such as "US .nacth free reveal the largest terrorist organization in the world the truth" and "over a billion muslim you can never stop Islam."

A few theories have been put forth, one of which points to terrorist group ISIS since the acronym for I See Stars is ISS, which is extremely close to ISIS. One post points to a separate Islamic organization that refers to itself as a group of Tunisian hackers, so no conclusive answers can be found at this time.

I See Stars apologized to fans for the hacking after gaining back control of their Facebook account:

Hey everyone,
Earlier this evening up until 5min ago our page was hacked. This band has always been about spreading positive music to our fans and to see such negative propaganda posted on here was, to say the least, disturbing. We would like to apologize to anyone that came across any of these posts. We love you all for being understanding and promise that we are missing you all here in Michigan. We will be seeing you soon as there are many exciting things to come :)

Check out some screen captures of the I See Stars hack below, courtesy of Metal Insider.