Since its inception, thousands of Loudwire readers have voted in the head-to-head battle of hard rock supremacy known as the Cage Match. Many acts have left the Cage Match beaten and bloodied, while other bands have celebrated multiple victories. Inspired by the success of the Cage Match, we're bringing in extreme metal's heaviest hitters for Loudwire's latest concoction -- Death Match.

Our first Death Match pits the legendary thrash/power metal band Iced Earth with their video for 'Dystopia' vs. the new school deathcore outfit Carnifex and their video for 'Until I Feel Nothing.'

Hailing from the mean streets of Tampa, Fla., Iced Earth have acquired a massive foundation of fans during their 27-year career. 'Dystopia' is the band's latest single from their 2011 release of the same name. With new frontman Stu Block taking over for Matt Barlow, Iced Earth fans have embraced 'Dystopia,' which many consider to be one of Iced Earth's greatest albums.

San Diego deathcore band Carnifex have only recently burst onto the scene after releasing their sophomore album on Victory Records in 2008. Carnifex's 2011 release, 'Until I Feel Nothing,' showcases the title track as their first single and music video. As a part of the 2000s American deathcore wave, Carnifex have quickly developed a large fanbase while touring with acts such as Darkest Hour and As I Lay Dying.

Check out Iced Earth's 'Dystopia' and Carnifex's 'Until I Feel Nothing' and vote below on which band deserves to come out alive in this week's Death Match.

Iced Earth - 'Dystopia'
Carnifex - 'Until I Feel Nothing'


Rules of Death Match

Two bands fight to the death. Last band standing wins. If a band wins four straight Death Matches, they will be honored as immortal in the Loudwire Death Match Hall of Fame.