Ready for a jolt! It's time to turn it up and rock it out as IKILLYA are giving fans their first taste of their new 'Vae Victis' album by exclusively streaming the disc here at Loudwire.

Frontman Jason Lekberg says, "It's finally here. Seems like a very long time ago that we started this album and I couldn't be happier to be partnering with Loudwire for you to hear it now. This album is a refined, targeted, honed to a point IKILLYA and we hope you feel every note. Best of all, Loudwire is the perfect premiere for 'Vae Victis' as it's meant to be played LOUD! Crank it up and get that guy you work with back for all the times he made you listen to Florida Georgia Line!!"

The title 'Vae Victis' translates to "woe to the vanquished," and after hearing this album, you'll feel thoroughly rocked for sure. The disc begins with the brutal, fast-paced title track and a video for the song can be found here. Other standouts include the sludgy second track, 'Driven,' the beat-driven 'Exhortation' and the humorously titled but skillfully played 'Jekyll Better Hyde' and the late album gem, 'Mission to Mars.'

If you like what you hear, IKILLYA's 'Vae Victis' disc arrives in stores today and is currently available for order via iTunes.

IKILLYA, 'Vae Victis'