In the '90s, guitarist Logan Mader made his name as an original member of Machine Head in addition to a brief stint in Soulfly. However, in recent years he's mostly been known for his production work, serving as a producer or mixer on albums by the likes of Five Finger Death Punch, Gojira and Periphery. Now he's ready to step out from behind the board after working with singer-guitarist Lauren Hart, as they've formed a new band called Once Human.

Loudwire is teaming up with the upstart rockers to give you this exclusive first look at their introductory video, which finds Mader and Hart discussing the creation of their band and gives you a look at the recording of their upcoming album The Life I Remember.

Mader and Hart connected via former Roadrunner chief and current Nuclear Blast Entertainment executive Monte Connor, and it wasn't long before the guitarist saw the talent and got the itch to become part of what Hart wanted to do.

"The creative chemistry was so on fire and the music really spoke to me. In all of my years producing, I've never been so attached and excited about a developing project," Mader said. "It's a mix of brutal metal and melodic epic, with cinematic textures. It's unique and really has its own identity."

After signing on, Mader brought aboard two more strong talents in bassist Damian Rainauld and drummer Ralph Alexander. The latter is featured in a video medley, showcasing his talents in laying down the licks on a couple of Once Human songs in the video above.

"All of the tracks are captured during the moment of creation, right when it's written, get it down and nail it, and I think there's really something special about the magic that happens in those moments," says Mader in the video. "There's something on fire that really happens only that one time and we've got that all over this record."

The group recently revealed a lyric video for The Life I Remember title track that can be viewed below. The disc is due Sept. 4 via earMUSIC, while the title track will be available at Spotify and iTunes on June 12. In the interim, check out the introductory video above and "The Life I Remember" lyric video below.

Once Human, "The Life I Remember" Lyric Video

Once Human