Arguably the greatest live metal act on the planet, Iron Maiden have just announced the release of a new concert DVD! The band used their 1988 'Maiden England' tour setlist as a basis for their most recent North American tour, but now, those who were unable (or weren't born early enough) to see the tour can relive the heavy metal mastery beginning March 25, when Iron Maiden release their 'Maiden England '88' double-disc DVD.

Iron Maiden have released some of metal's greatest live CDs and videos throughout their career such as 'Live After Death,' 'Rock in Rio,' 'Flight 666' and 'En Vivo!,' but as any Maiden fanatic will tell you, there's no such thing as too much Maiden.

The upcoming 'Maiden England '88' live release will be available as a double CD, digital audio download, limited edition double picture disc vinyl and most importantly, a double DVD. Disc one will contain the classic 'Maiden England' concert video, which was originally released on VHS in 1989, along with three previously unreleased encores: 'Running Free,' 'Run to the Hills' and 'Sanctuary,' clocking in at a total run time of 110 minutes. The 'Maiden England' footage has also been remastered digitally, resulting in grander image quality and more visually pleasing color correction.

The 'Maiden England' concert footage was painstakingly edited by Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris, who is widely known as the Maiden mastermind. The work put in by Harris paid off phenomenally, and will be seen once again in all its glory on March 25.

Disc two will offer extensive bonus footage documenting Part 3 in the History of Iron Maiden. The 40-minute documentary features interviews from each Maiden band member along with managed Rod Smallwood. The second disc will also house 5 remastered promo videos and the 1987 documentary 'Twelve Wasted Years,' which will be the 90-minute film's DVD debut.

Maiden manager Rod Smallwood comments:

We've been busy upgrading this concert footage for a long time, with our in-house Film Producer and Director Andy Matthews working tirelessly to weave his magic yet again!. The 1989 VHS video has been largely unavailable for many years and we know how eagerly our fans have been awaiting the new version so we wanted to give it the best possible treatment. The current Maiden England World Tour which continues later this year revisits much of the set list and production from the initial 1989 VHS release so it will be interesting to compare just how much has changed in terms of our 2013 live show production, especially with all the advances in modern technology and the improvements we've been able to make to the set.

Check out the official trailer for Iron Maiden's 'Maiden England '88' DVD below. Believe us, you won't want to miss it!

Iron Maiden, 'Maiden England '88' Trailer

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