Though there aren't any dates as of yet, Jason Newsted says he plans on taking his self-titled band on the road to promote their 'Metal' EP. With the holidays fast approaching, the timing isn't right for new dates at present, but rest assured, Newsted will be hitting the stage soon.

He tells Sonic Excess, "I plan on taking it anywhere I can. As you can imagine, people are coming out of the woodwork wanting to help out, like promoters and agents, and people wanting to do what they do. We have scheduled meetings after Christmas about how we are going to get it out there to the people. My desire and quest has always been to take it anywhere I can for anyone who will accept our westernized rock 'n' roll music. I want to continue being the ambassador of metal, like I have been pretty much my whole career."

One thing you won't see when Newsted hits the road with his cohorts -- drummer Jesus Mendez Jr. and guitarist Jessie Farnsworth -- is high-priced meet-and-greets with fans. Newsted says, "I think it's bulls---! My guys had been talking to me about doing those things and they talk about Kiss making money for this meet-and-greet. People will pay it, but that's not the point. I don't want to take money like that. If they want to buy a t-shirt and have something to show for it, that's what we do. You can't download a t-shirt."

Newsted says the idea of people paying to meet him doesn't make sense. He adds, "I don't feel comfortable with charging people to meet me. I don't feel comfortable with charging people to get me to sign something when they are standing with me. If they buy it off the Internet and want an 8 X 10 or an autographed CD, they have that momentum. That's fine, but I'm not going to charge people to meet me. I just don't feel that's right."