The Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in the Pacific Northwest is making effective use of the region's rich musical history, both past and current. The airport has launched a new campaign, called The Sea-Tac Airport Music Initiative, Experience the City of Music, to feature the sights and sounds of the area, increasing the visibility of the local talent in the busy, heavily-traveled airport. Alice in Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell is just one of the many artists involved in the initiative.

For his part, Cantrell recorded an overhead safety and information announcement – essentially a PSA - about where any of the 32 million people who pass through Sea-Tac can take a smoke break, if they so desire. That's critical information for travelers and who better to deliver the message then one of the area's most famous guitarists?

Cantrell's message lets passengers and travelers know the airport's no-smoking policy, with a little dose of humor. He says, "This is Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains reminding you that smoking is allowed on the lower drive outside the building and only in designated areas … Bummer, dude."

Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder is also involved in the campaign.

"Seattle is known around the world for its music culture, so it's great to see this identity embraced and showcased to all the travelers going through the airport," said Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn. "Jet City, meet Music City."

Traveling to the Pacific Northwest just got a whole lot more appealing.