Katatonia recently announced their 10th full length offering, The Fall of Hearts. The long-awaited album will serve as the successor to 2012's Dead End Kings, boasting a dozen tracks of the band's signature melancholic dark rock across a 67-minute span. The record will be available in a variety of formats and the band has served up a teaser of new music that can be heard in the video above.

A minute-long snippet of brooding, ominous music is the longest hint fans have had as to what the album beholds. Gleaming clean, watery guitar tones resonate perfectly with Jonas Renkse's gloomy, crystal-clear voice. Katatonia have been tinkering with their sound throughout their career, finding a niche over the last decade with a deft balance of melody and grooves, though careful not to rest on their laurels and get too comfortable.

The Fall of Hearts will be available in several formats, including the deluxe 12-inch hard book version with an artwork book over 30 pages long with alternative album art from Trevor Smith. Also included is a CD with bonus tracks "Sistere" and "Vakaren," a DVD video with high resolution and 5.1 audio mix by Brooce Soord,and a special double 10" vinyl edition of The Fall of Hearts with an MP3 download of "Wide Awake in Quietus" featuring Paradise Lost's Gregor Mackintosh.

For more details and to pre-order the album, out May 20, visit Katatonia's webstore or Peaceville's website.

Newcomers drummer Daniel Moilanen and freshly selected guitarist Roger Öjersson made their recording debuts with Katatonia on The Fall of Hearts. Moilanene replaced the long-tenured Daniel Liljekvist following his departure to pursue a more "normal job." Öjersson fills the void left by Per "Sodo" Eriksson after he moved on in 2014 after a four year stint.

The Fall of Hearts Track Listing

01. "Takeover"
02. "Serein"
03. "Old Heart Falls"
04. "Decima"
05. "Sanction"
06. "Residual"
07. "Serac"
08. "Last Song Before the Fade"
09. "Shifts"
10. "The Night Subscriber"
11. "Pale Flag"
12. "Passer"

Bonus Tracks

13. "Vakaren [04:54] (CD/DVD & Deluxe Edition)
14. "Sistere [04:11] (LP & Deluxe Edition)
15. "Wide Awake in Quietus [04:59] (Digital & Deluxe Edition)

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