Meet Audrey and Kate, the kid sisters who have been playing along to heavy metal classics on the Rocksmith video game for a few years now. We've highlighted a lot of kid headbangers over the years, but somehow this duo has remained off our radar until today. They've been at it for over half a decade and what better way to introduce you to them than with their cover of Slayer's punishing anthem "War Ensemble?"

Audrey (guitar) displays some nimble fretwork, handling the contorted riffing with apparent ease. Meanwhile, her sister, Kate, challenges the ferocity of Tom Araya's delivery with a more extreme barking approach, using a yellow pool noodle as her microphone. As for the leather hat — where was that in the Judas Priest cover videos, Kate?

The pint-sized singer has all the making of a natural frontwoman, stalking the living room with boundless energy and stealing the spotlight from Audrey who has honed some serious chops over the years and demonstrates complete confidence and control during the erratic solos.

Since we mentioned Priest, we'll throw in a bonus for you. Below, the two take on "Painkiller" and Kate's got some boogie moves clearly lifted from ever-gyrating bassist Ian Hill. If she's going to be a great frontwoman though, let your sister get the attention during the solos! It's the classic powerhouse singer vs. guitar monster dynamic cut with some friendly sibling rivalry.

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