This newest edition of 'Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?' segment was so good, we had to split it into two parts! Iconic KISS legend Ace Frehley stopped by our studios to appear in our popular series, actually clearing up a great deal of untrue information.

In Part 1 of Frehley's segment, the Spaceman talks about gang life as a youth, being expelled from multiple high schools, an insane allergic reaction to his face paint, being electrocuted onstage and more.

Frehley is getting set to release his new solo album, 'Space Invader,' in June, but in this 'Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction' segment he recalls some of the wild experiences he had as a kid and as a member of KISS.

This just might be the most intriguing 'Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?' segment we've filmed yet, and it doesn't even include a wild story you'll hear in Part 2! Check out the first part of our Ace Frehley video above and stay tuned for the second part coming soon!

While Ace was in our offices, he also shared a great real-life 'Spinal Tap' story with our friends at Ultimate Classic Rock. Check out that video below.

Ace Frehley's Real-Life 'Spinal Tap' Story: