Today (Oct. 11) marks the 22nd anniversary of Korn's self-titled debut and its only fitting that the influential group has released another new track off the forthcoming return-to-roots album, The Serenity of Suffering. Check out "Take Me' in the video above.

Korn's history is riddled with substance abuse and the band has chronicled these turbulent times in sonic forms throughout their career, but "Take Me" comes from a fresh perspective. The track (which premiered at The Wall Street Journal) lyrically comes from the side of the drug, not the user, as Jonathan Davis once again confronts his past demons. The singer even cited Braid Paisley's "Alcohol" as an inspiration for the direction of the song.

As for the music, the verse features a push and pull rhythm as Davis dances around the pauses and distortion. This nervous energy washes away with the soaring chorus, as if mirroring the effects of an initial high. The bridge serves as a jarring comedown with stunted rhythms and a panicked atmosphere until the surging chorus again wipes the uneasiness away.

The Serenity of Suffering will be out Oct. 21 through Roadrunner and pre-orders can be purchased through Amazon or digitally through iTunes. Korn are already out on the road supporting the record on a co-headlining tour with Breaking Benjamin, wrapping things up on Oct. 19. A list of remaining stops can be found here.

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