If Lamb of God are looking to get fans riled up and excited, then mission accomplished! Since April 23, Lamb of God have posted an Instagram photo teasing their seventh studio album, but this isn't the only thing they've thrown at us. On May 4, a mysterious countdown began featuring a very familiar face.

Excluding the self-titled album released under Lamb of God's original moniker, Burn the Priest, the "Pure American Metal" act has unleashed six studio albums. With the roman numeral "VII" driving the band's teases and new in-studio photography appearing on LoG's Instagram page, we can safely assume that album No. 7 is coming.

A new website, www.lambofgodvii.com, has been launched as well, but it throws somewhat of a curveball at fans. Rather than strictly hinting towards a new record, Lamb of God posted a clip of female metal vocalist and LoG super fan Pratika. The youth from India appeared in Lamb of God's 2014 documentary, As the Palaces Burn. Before turning into a film focused on vocalist Randy Blythe's imprisonment and trial in the Czech Republic, As the Palaces Burn turned the camera at fans from around the world. Pratika is one of the film's most memorable characters, and she's just been reintroduced as the face of India for Lamb of God's latest tease.

India is one of five places to be revealed in Lamb of God's global countdown. The second location will be confirmed at 1PM ET today (May 6). Like the India reveal, a piece of a world map has been isolated, and this time, the area selected looks like Israel. Part of As the Palaces Burn was filmed in Israel, so look out for a potential piece of the documentary filmed in that country.

Lamb of God's 'VII' countdown is scheduled to end May 15 at 1PM ET, so stay tuned to Loudwire for news on the big reveal!

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