If you thought 'Endless Slaughter' was an odd track for Limp Bizkit, just wait until you see the brand new video for the song.

Much like the track itself, the video switches gears each time the sound shifts. The video opens with an extreme close-up of Fred Durst as he belts the in-your-face lyrics to the opening part of 'Endless Slaughter' while making his way through a crowded audience on the band's European tour.

From there, the song shifts gears into a more chilled out vibe, with the focus centered on a riverside early-morning stroll. As the tempo picks up again, you see a darkened figure running through the dimly lit brick-covered streets like a madman on the loose, and the clip ends with drummer Sam Otto entering a venue, taking his place behind the kit and providing a funky beat for the track's latter portion.

If you think the song sounds a little different than what we've come to expect from Limp Bizkit, you're not the only one. Durst tells Metal Hammer, "It's a little crazier than usual. It's more off the wall, pretty outrageous. It's hard to explain, but I think this will be the one which changes the way we make music from here on out."

'Endless Slaughter' is expected to appear on Limp Bizkit's long-awaited 'Stampede of the Disco Elephants' album.

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