Marilyn Manson scores a Top 10 debut on the Billboard 200 album chart with his new disc 'Born Villain,' while the Beastie Boys make a giant leap on the tally in the wake of the tragic news of founding member Adam 'MCA' Yauch's death on May 4.

Manson's latest album 'Born Villain' lands at No. 10 on the Billboard chart this week, selling 39,000 copies. It is Manson's seventh Top 10 album. The disc sold less than his last release, 2009's 'The High End of Low,' which cracked the Top 5 and sold nearly 50,000 copies its opening week.

In a recent interview with Loudwire, Manson said he looked at his latest album as his comeback. “I knew that I had to admit to myself — it’s difficult to say you want to make a comeback, because that’s admitting that you weren’t what you were supposed to be, not what you used to be, but what you’re supposed to be. So it’s almost the same as in the beginning. A comeback is almost the same as starting out fresh where no one knows or believes in what you are and I had to say that out loud. I have no problem saying that this is my comeback and when I decide on something, I’m determined to do it.”

Meanwhile, the Beastie Boys had several albums return to the Billboard 200 chart as the band received a tremendous amount of attention following last week's death of Adam 'MCA' Yauch. Their 1986 debut 'Licensed To Ill' came in at No. 18 for the week, selling 19,000 copies. That's up over 800 percent from the previous week.

Other Beastie Boys albums returning to the Billboard 200 this week were 'Solid Gold Hits' at No. 51, 'Paul's Boutique' at No. 56, 'Hot Sauce Committee Part Two' at No. 107, 'Ill Communication' at No. 109, 'Check Your Head' at No. 124 and 'Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds of Silence' at No. 141.

Last week's chart reflected just two full days after Yauch passed away, so next week's numbers could see the Beastie Boys catalog albums even higher on the charts. Overall, 55,000 Beastie Boys albums were sold last week, compared to 4,000 the week before.