Nobody does music videos quite like Marilyn Manson. Throughout his career, his videos have intrigued, confused and disturbed fans, usually relying on an abstract artistic bent and the clip for "Tattooed in Reverse" adheres to this ethos.

In the opening sequence, a young woman is seen struggling on an operating table, finally put at ease as an anesthesia mask is slipped over her face. As the scenes roll by, she seems to be torn between her unconscious state and reality where faceless characters dance side by side in sync to the jarring rhythm of "Tattooed in Reverse," eventually closing in on her. As we return to the operating table, a cast of nefarious medical practitioners, including a nurse played by Courtney Love, observe her frantic yet induced state.

"Tattooed in Reverse" is the fourth Heaven Upside Down track to receive the video treatment alongside "WE KNOW WHERE YOU FUCKING LIVE," "KILL4ME" and "Say10" both of which upheld Manson's twisted cinematic reputation. The latter two also starred actor Johnny Depp, who may wind up playing in Manson's band.

Catch Manson on the road supporting Heaven Upside Down this summer on his co-headlining tour with Rob Zombie. The trek runs from July 11 through August 29 and a full list of stops can be found here.

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