Myles Kennedy isn’t the only one in Alter Bridge juggling multiple projects; guitarist Mark Tremonti is a musician who wears many hats, as well. He plays lead guitar in a little band you may have heard of called Creed and is currently hard at work on his first solo album.

Tremonti has just tweeted a link to a new website set up for the 'Tremonti Project,' listing a spring 2012 release date as well as the album title ‘All I Was.’  Tremonti will be handing the lead guitar duties, as well as vocals – something a little different for him. The site also lists the supporting cast members as Eric Friedman on backing vocals, guitar and bass and Garret Whitlock on drums  -- both former members of the now defunct band Submersed, whom Tremonti worked with in the past.

Tremonti recently told Artist Direct that the sound of his solo project is, “probably heavier than either Creed or Alter Bridge, but it's still melody-driven.” He continued to describe their sound, saying, “Most of the stuff is more up-tempo and heavy-riffing though. I had to write eleven solos for this record so it took me a long time. There's lots of soloing.”

As for the status of the release, Tremonti said that they’ll be mixing for a few weeks in February followed by the mastering, and with any luck it will be out in March or April.

That will give him just enough time to get ready for the upcoming Creed retrospective shows. Back in November, they announced a special run of tour dates in April where they’ll be playing their debut release ‘My Own Prison’ and their second album ‘Human Clay’ on consecutive nights in select cities. The shows celebrate the 15th anniversary of ‘My Own Prison.'

Tremonti calls the return to ‘My Own Prison’ much like walking into a time machine, “It's definitely like stepping back into my much less experienced self where everything is so simple and basic," he admitted.

As for the new Creed material, Tremonti admits that he prefers to write alone and then bring his ideas to the rest of the band. From there the process becomes more of a collaborative one according to Mark, “I'll log all of my ideas and get together with the guys and throw things out there.” So, is there one thing about the new Creed music that stands above everything else?  According to Tremonti, “Melodies are the most important thing. I work on those the hardest.”

Check out the tentative track listing below for Tremonti's solo album; however, all songs are listed as working titles so they're subject to change.

'All I Was' Working Song Titles:

All I Was
So You're Afraid
You Waste Your Time
New Way Out
Leave It Alone
Wish You Well
don't claim
All That I Got
Giving Up
Doesn't Matter