Mastodon have made a number of appearances on late night television over the last few years and with their latest album, Emperor of Sand, out now, it was time to generate some more buzz with a performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

When the band issued the track "Show Yourself' prior to the album's release, fans were quick to pick up on its more pop-friendly direction, which made it a prime selection for a massive TV audience. Holding the vibrant vinyl album in his hand, host Jimmy Kimmel introduced the band, who were ready to go on a full outdoor stage with a ravenous crowd before them.

The song's immediate energy is felt as drummer Brann Dailor assumes the lead vocal spot with his crisp, clean delivery over the bouncing verse. Taking hold of the chorus, bassist Troy Sanders' bug-eyed expressions give the song a feeling of danger. With Bill Kelliher holding down the rhythm, Brent Hinds wailed through his solo, rocking sunglasses and a denim jacket with a Carcass patch stitched into the left shoulder.

Speaking with Full Metal Jackie in a recent interview, Sanders detailed how the band divvies up the vocal contributions between the three singing members of the band. "It’s created very selflessly, meaning if I write a certain set of lyrics, but Brent's voice fits better on the part, then Brent will take those lyrics and that’s his part," he said. "A lot of time Brann will write lyrics for something but the voice that calls for it is my voice, then I will take it. It’s very interchangeable as to who writes what and who performs what. That’s a great quality to have as opposed to, 'Hey, I wrote it, so I’m singing it.'

Mastodon's headlining tour with support coming from the Eagles of Death Metal and Russian Circles will kick off on April 14 and a full list of stops can be found at our 2017 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours.

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