Megadeth are in a bit of a spot at the moment, as guitarist Chris Broderick and drummer Shawn Drover recently announced their exits from the band. But lineup changes are nothing new to Megadeth and bassist David Ellefson recently revealed that the band is definitely not splitting up. However, it is not clear quite yet as to how they will progress.

Ellefson did reveal in a new interview with the Classic Metal Show, "We're scheduled to start a new record after the first of the year, to release later in 2015 and touring to take on from there. In an ironic way, if there's going to be changes, it's definitely better that it happens when you're off the road than in the middle of a tour."

The bassist says that while touring is something that will likely happen after their next album arrives, they may not spend much time on the road in 2015. “It doesn't necessarily mean Megadeth is always going to be out there tour after tour, month after month, like we have been," says Ellefson. "At least certainly this next year, we're not going to be. We're definitely going to be off the road.”

Meanwhile, though a few former Megadeth members have ruled out their potential return, drummer Nick Menza has stated that it's not out of the question that he could play with the band again, although he does have other priorities at the moment.

Menza says he's left the door open, but the decision is not his -- it's Dave Mustaine's. It should be noted that Menza's current project pairs him with fellow former Megadeth members Chris Poland and James LoMenzo. His comment can be read below.

And finally, as we near the holidays, Megadeth have launched a Christmas Card contest. Send the band your original designs and you could end up with some pretty cool prizes, including a phone call from Dave Mustaine on Christmas Day, a limited edition Dean Dave Mustaine 'Zero 'Countdown to Extinction' 20th anniversary electric guitar, VIP passes to meet the band on tour and much more. Get the full contest details at this location.

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