Metal, as we know, explores an incredible range of moods, which is often the reason we're drawn to it. It offers an outlet not only for aggression, but triumph, tragedy, sorrow, reflection, mind-expansion... anything, really. This is the easy connection to make, but have you ever noticed that some albums just go perfectly with the weather?

What's better than cranking some thrash or power metal during those first days of spring, speeding down the highway with the windows down? How about when snow and ice storms blanket everything in white, leaving crystalline entombments of the world around us? Black metal is always the choice there (thanks, Immortal)!

Our purpose here isn't to outline some sunny-day ragers or frozen tundra riffing go-tos, but to highlight albums that match the dreary mood brought on by rain. Water is often synonymous with purification and cleansing; it's essential to our very survival, but can also quickly extinguish it with destructive natural events, be it tsunamis, hurricanes or floods.

There's plenty of metal albums out there that exemplify the healing and cataclysmic properties of this natural element. So, the next time it starts to pour, make sure to reach for one of the 10 Metal Albums Perfect for a Rainy Day featured in the gallery at the top of the page!

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