Ministry mastermind Al Jourgensen is working on a LOT of projects right now, and his latest announcement sounds pretty bad ass. Uncle Al just announced a speed metal project called Surgical Meth Machine with longtime engineer Sam D'Ambruoso, promising that no song will be slower than 220 beats per minute.

Ministry have released some wonderfully demented and ridiculously fast music, with legendary results over three decades. Jourgensen tends to churn out gold when he pushes sonic limits, so Surgical Meth Machine could very well be the next great part of Al's career.

“We decided to cut out the middle-men,” Jourgensen tells Metal Hammer. “Me and him [D'Ambruoso] are doing this music that’s just eyeball-popping. There’s nothing under 220bpm on there. It’s not for the faint of heart.”

Jourgensen compares Surgical Meth Machine to Ministry's "Side F/X Include Mikey's Middle Finger" from what may be the band's final album, From Beer to Eternity. “Mikey’s Middle Finger" is one of the last things Mike did before he died. Imagine a whole album of that – this is what we’re going for now. Straight mayhem … People are probably going to dismiss it as craziness – and that’s good. Craziness develops a future in music. You need the crazy.”

Along with plans to take Ministry on a final tour, Jourgensen is also working on another musical project called Dubwesier, a serial killer novel, a second autobiography and documentary on his life and possibly a film based on Al's first autobiography.

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