No band can make it anywhere without their fans. And the nominees in this category have some of the most devoted followers in all of music.

As fans, we love to argue about music and debate from every angle, but we also love to defend our favorite bands. Forging a loyal bond will ensure that no matter what you do, a certain group of people will always follow your creativity. Let's take a look at the Most Devoted Fans of 2015 and get to voting in the 5th Annual Loudwire Music Awards! Check out the nominees below, and keep voting every hour until the polls close on Dec. 1 at 8AM ET.

  • Facebook: BabyMetal
    Facebook: BabyMetal


    BabyMetal’s staggering rise to fame can all be attributed to the devotion of their fans, which they are accumulating at a rapid rate. Of course, the Japanese pop-metal hybrid sensations gave the fans something to clamor for first, but the fanbase is eating up anything this band does. They even appeal to those who don’t typically like metal but can’t deny the power it has. BabyMetal counter the intensity with their vocal pop focus and the fusion has metal fans and non-metal fans finally agreeing on something!

  • Lava/Universal Republic
    Lava/Universal Republic

    Black Veil Brides

    Black Veil Brides fans are one of the most loyal a band can ask for, not only showing support but defending them anywhere and everywhere on the Internet. Seemingly devoting their life to the band, these fans will consume every piece of information about the band and digest it ready to regurgitate any bit at a moment's notice. With their legions growing, Black Veil Brides owe it all to the fans.

  • Facebook: Breaking Benjamin
    Facebook: Breaking Benjamin

    Breaking Benjamin

    It isn’t easy to remain hopeful when your favorite band shuts it down for a few years. With singer Ben Burnley embattled in a never-ending struggle with heath issues, things were looking doubtful for Breaking Benjamin’s return. Fans were rewarded in 2015 for their willingness to understand and received an album that holds up to anything else the band has released. Dark Before Dawn topped the charts with fans eager for the band’s return and some long-awaited new music.

  • Columbia

    Bring Me the Horizon

    Bring Me the Horizon made a huge leap in their sound with their new album, 'That's the Spirit,' which was a bold move and a big risk. Fortunately, their fans followed with them, anxious to hear what their favorite musicians would come up with next. The group shifted away from metal, incorporating pop elements into their sound, but still delivering hard-rocking tunes to their devoted fanbase. When bands have fans like this, it can free them up to be themselves and create whatever music they want to.

  • Warner Bros. Records
    Warner Bros. Records


    After patiently waiting during the band's four-year hiatus, Disturbed fans were treated to a new album in Immortalized. The band had kept quiet about everything and surprised fans with a new song and the album's announcement. How sneaky! The band proved their staying power over the hiatus, making a huge comeback and delivering some more of their patented brand of hard rock, sounding just as fresh as they day they started.

  • Stephen Lovekin, Getty Images
    Stephen Lovekin, Getty Images

    Foo Fighters

    Foo Fighters were one of the biggest touring acts of 2015. Even though mainman Dave Grohl broke his leg, he turned it into something just as good live, maybe even better considering the circumstances. Performing from a giant throne every night, Grohl was greeted by fans like the king of rock. Fearless, Grohl and the Foos continue to pave their road to success on their own terms and their fans thank them dearly for it.

  • Jason Swarr
    Jason Swarr

    Five Finger Death Punch

    The Knuckleheads always come out in full force, which is half the excitement of Five Finger Death Punch shows. There’s a certain camaraderie among fans of particular bands, and FFDP are one of them. With lyrics that relate to so many hard rock fans, the band relates to their fans like few other acts. Not many bands are able to connect with so many people on such a personal level, which is why FFDP's fans are among the most devoted in rock.

  • Epic

    Iron Maiden

    Iron Maiden fans have grown used to lengthy bouts between albums, even if it means five years of waiting. The band kept their loyal legions satisfied with retrospective tours, giving young fans an opportunity to witness the old material they probably weren’t even alive for. The band even had to delay their new album following Bruce Dickinson’s stint with cancer. With The Book of Souls finally out, fans devoured it, seeing it break the top five on the charts in 34 countries. Their upcoming 2016 world tour has seen shows sell out in just a matter of hours.

  • Epic

    Lamb of God

    When singer Randy Blythe was imprisoned for manslaughter (a charge for which he was later acquitted), Lamb of God fans took to the Internet to raise national awareness of what had happened. Not only the band’s fans rallied behind him, but the metal community on the whole. The love was felt and helped Blythe through the turbulent times and he surely repaid the fans with a stellar new album in VII: Storm und Drang. The band emerged among the metalcore scene over a decade ago and is still one of metal’s most celebrated extreme acts. None of it would be possible with the loyal Lamb of God fans.

  • Roadrunner Records
    Roadrunner Records


    Slipknot's fans have been with the band through thick and thin. Even when the band slowed down their musical output, their fans never abandoned them and just sat back and waited. Even after the death of bassist Paul Gray and founding member Joey Jordison was dismissed from the band for undisclosed reasons, the fans stood with the group and readily accepted a new album. The Maggots’ hunger is insatiable and they're some of the most devoted fans around.