Motorhead guitarist Phil Campbell has just unleashed a brutal new children's project, Panda Party! Aimed at kids six and under, the guitarist rocks a killer solo with a group of musical pandas in the song ‘Happy Birthday' above.

Panda Party is “four friendly pandas who live on Panda Island." The furry quartet "love to sing, dance, have lots of fun and share our music with everyone.” Panda Party is comprised of singer Punky Panda, keyboardist Penny Panda, guitarist Texas Pete Panda and drummer Percy Panda. Panda Party's official website mentions that they upload new videos regularly, so make sure to check back each week for new music and adventures.

"Well, they say never work with animals and children but here I am, working with animals, for children!" says Campbell. "It's my new project for children six and under. I like the dancing Pandas - I play the guitar on this one but we need celebrities for each week."

This project is a far cry from Campbell's work with Motorhead, but thankfully still has a nice rock edge to it. Campbell is working on the project with Neil Starr, frontman for Campbell’s All Starr Band. Their goal is to provide “engaging kids songs and upbeat nursery rhymes to teach ABCs, colors and so much more.”

To learn more about Panda Party and watch more clips, click here.

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