Part of the lure of Ghost is the theatrical nature of the band and the group has definitely played that up in the lead into their new album Meliora. It started with a video tease during late night television in which it was revealed that a committee had decided that Papa Emeritus II had to be removed for his inability to destroy the world's religious and governmental institutions. As such, Papa Emeritus III was set to take over and the new leader briefly emerged in the teaser. But now you can get an up close and personal look at the new Papa Emeritus III in a short video officially announcing his introduction to the band.

It should be noted that the new design comes from WhoYouAre, a fashion think tank, led by Madonna and Beyonce stylist B. Akerlund. "It's a massive honor to have been summoned by the great Papa Emeritus III to adorn this collaboration," said Åkerlund.

The costume designer adds, "Ghost are dark, controversial and sweet, all at once. Just like me ... They exemplify performance art and subversion, and it was thrilling to enhance their relentless creative vision and add my fashion sense, source amazing talent from my WHOYOUARE fashion community, and find the designers I found worked best. Designer Michele Berandi was a natural choice-coming from a dark rock'n roll background-and Majesty Black made iconic gloves to complete the look to rebirth Papa for Ghost's new album." Check out the detail of Papa Emeritus III's new look in the video posted above.

Ghost are building to the Aug. 21 release of their Meliora album. The band has already unleashed a powerful new single and video for the track "Cirice" and you can see Papa Emeritus III with Ghost's Nameless Ghouls hitting the stage for an extended fall tour launching Sept. 22 in Washington, D.C. Check out all the stops by clicking the button below.

Meliora is available to pre-order via Amazon or iTunes and fans can also purchase the disc in a variety of bundles and formats here.