Welcome to Loudwire’s New Music Showcase! Each week we’re giving space to some up-and-coming acts to premiere their new music, whether it be music videos, lyric videos, songs or even album streams. The New Music Showcase runs each Thursday and this week we’re checking out new videos from Knee High Fox, The ReAktion and Voodoo Terror Tribe, as well as a new lyric video from Zodiac.

Knee High Fox, "Comin' For You" - Exclusive Video Premiere

One Fox

Forget what you think you know about goths and have some fun while rocking out to the new video from Knee High Fox debuting exclusively here at Loudwire. Frontwoman Chrissy Fox directed the clip for "Comin' for You," which finds the goths sporting their black, but raging like most people do at a pool party.

“This was a super fun idea of having your typical summertime BBQ pool party but being straight up goth. How do the goth kids have fun in the sun? Well you have to watch this video and see," says Fox. "I can honestly speak for the whole band and everyone involved this video shoot was the most fun we’ve ever had at one. The story feels so like us and we all just got drunk and went crazy on the slip n slide! Best time ever!." Fox says she was inspired by the '90s film The Craft and the song embodies the spirit of the movie where you're rooting for the weirdos and strange kids.

Fox, who has also written songs for Theory of a Deadman, Halestorm, Pop Evil and 12 Stones, is currently focusing on Knee High Fox. "Comin' for You" is featured on their 2015 album Obey the Cross, which is available to purchase via iTunes. The band is also in the process of working on a new album, so keep an eye peeled for that. And stay up to date on their touring at this location.

The ReAktion, "Thousands of Memories" - Exclusive Video Premiere

Mainia Recordings

The ReAktion are back with a new video off their debut album Selknam. This time out, the band has a video for the song "Thousands of Memories," a clip that is primarily a performance piece with the band flanked by barren tree set pieces.

The Chilean trio of Simon Rojas, Garret Wolf and Felipe Alvarez work in electronic elements with their harder edged sound, and "Thousands of Memories" is one of the standout tracks on their disc. It has a certain heaviness that connects with listeners.

Slipknot's Sid Wilson is a fan, as they're being managed by his Mach 2.8 Ent. Company. They also count producer GGGarth Richardson among their supporters. GGGarth, who produced their debut album, says, "It is not often that a soul touches music. The ReAktion does."

The ReAktion's Selknam disc is currently available via iTunes, and you can look for the band on tour at these stops.

Voodoo Terror Tribe, "City of Sixes" - Exclusive Video Premiere

VTT Music

Heavy, chaotic and ready to rock, Voodoo Terror Tribe are premiering their new video for "City of Sixes" here at Loudwire. Directed by Scott Hansen, the clip focuses on the band's performance as they deliver a spirited set amidst the hedonistic audience in the underground lair.

Guitarist/synth programmer Emir Erkal says, "This new video is a camp-commentary on modern society, showing Voodoo Terror Tribe as something like 'bladerunners'; masquerading as musicians to snuff out a club full of party-goers for being 'just too modern.'"

The song is featured on the band's upcoming album, The Sun Shining Cold, which was produced by Ill Nino vocalist Cristian Machado, who also serves as the band's manager. "This album is possibly one of the best metal albums I’ve ever been a part of," states Machado. "You don’t always get to work with such talented musicians who just so happen to be mature and dedicated to bringing something fresh to the evolution of the genre. I comfortably refer to them as 'haunted metal' but in all honesty they are a new breed of metal yet to be heard under this style and context. In my heart of hearts, I truly believe they are here to contribute an impressive approach and styling to the evolution of metal."

The Sun Shining Cold is expected later this year, so keep an eye out for release details, but in the interim, get familiar with "City of Sixes" in the player above. And look for Voodoo Terror Tribe on tour at these shows.

Zodiac, "Rebirth By Fire" - Exclusive Lyric Video Premiere

Napalm Records

Zodiac are on their way back with their fourth studio album, Grain of Soul, and they're teaming up with Loudwire to premiere the lyric video for the new song "Rebirth By Fire."

The band states, "This song comes with a heavy groove and will give you an impression of how the new material sounds! Have a good one and you might want to crank it for this tune!" We most certainly agree.

Zodiac teamed up with Arne Neurand, who recorded, mixed and produced the album at Horus Sound Studio in Hannover, Germany. The album is on track for a July 29 street date via Napalm Records. Look for the band on tour at these stops.

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