If you're a sucker for both Nine Inch Nails and old-school 8-bit video games, you may want to keep an extra pair of pants ready, because the two have been combined for a re-imagining of NIN's classic debut album 'Pretty Hate Machine.'

The cleverly titled concept record, 'Pretty Eight Machine' was made by Inverse Phase, who engineered the album using eight separate 8-bit systems. The project was funded via Kickstarter in mid-2011 as 162 people donated to the cause of getting this album made.

According to Inverse Phase, the album is a culmination of various influences including, "The recent celebration of Pretty Hate Machine's anniversary," begins the remixer. "The recent release of the remastered PHM, my fandom and love for Nine Inch Nails, My love of old-school computers and game systems, pushing myself to compose for systems I've never written music on," and finally, "A hope that Trent Reznor (who likes vintage synths, tech and gear) and Rob Sheridan (and his pixelated avatar) will enjoy it."

Apparently Rob Sheridan, who is a long-time art director for Nine Inch Nails, digs 'Pretty Eight Machine,' as the artist tweeted about the album, which was then retweeted by Nine Inch Nails.

Just as cool as the music on 'Pretty Eight Machine' are the song titles, with 'Atarible Lie' and 'SYNCtified' among our favorites.

Stream 'Pretty Eight Machine' in the player below. To buy a copy of the album, click here.

Listen to 'Pretty Eight Machine'