Turn it up and rip the knob off! Nine Shrines are here to rock you with their newly released EP Misery and they've teamed up with Loudwire to bring you the exclusive stream of the disc.

The Ohio-based rockers deliver a solid blend of contemporary metal, metalcore and hard rock packed into one crushing and at time atmospheric sound. The group features former Attack Attack! drummer Andrew Wetzel and Life on Repeat guitarist Andrew Baylis. Filling out the lineup are former Life on Repeat bassist Devon Voisine and Downplay guitarist Evan McKeever, with ex-Stranger to Wolves singer Chris Parketny delivering the powerful vocals for the band.

The disc begins with "Bend," a track that starts off with a rather haunting and ominous open before a wall of aggression kicks in. "King of Mercy" keeps the energy high with an all-out in-your-face assault. Wetzel says of the track, "It’s for people that have been walked on their whole lives. We’ve all had a time when we felt like our sole purpose was to bend over backwards so everyone around us could get what they want. This is a very personal song for us. Some people don’t deserve forgiveness and this is the anthem of our retribution.” The third song "Parasite" moves at a less full-throttle pace, but maintains the attitude of its predecessors. It's an anthem that will have you fist pumping and singing along.

The fourth song, "Lost," breaks from form, with one of the more somber tracks on the disc. It shows a bit of the range of the band, delivering a more vulnerable side to their sound. But its right back to the aggression with the single "Misery," a catchy rocker that is undeniable in its sound.

“We didn’t really set out to create a theme” explains Wetzel. “Once we wrote ‘King of Mercy’ we were like ok, and as we went on we saw Misery take shape as a whole, it became a statement, an explanation of how we got here, a curated series of things that have occurred previously for all of us that has led up to this.”

Take a listen to the full Misery EP above, and if you like what you hear, it is available to purchase at iTunes or to stream at Spotify. Additionally, Nine Shrines have booked tour dates with Nonpoint. See all of their scheduled shows below.

Nonpoint / Nine Shrines 2017 Tour Dates

17 -- Cleveland, Ohio -- Cleveland Agora
4/18 -- Louisville, Ky. -- Mercury Ballroom
4/19 -- Atlanta, Ga. -- The Masquerade
4/25 -- Destin, Fla. -- Club LA (with Dinosaur Pile-Up)
4/26 -- Birmingham, Ala. -- Zydeco (with Hinder)
4/28 -- Jackson, Miss. -- The Hideaway (with Hinder)
4/29 -- Clarksville, Tenn. -- The Warehouse (with Hinder)
4/30 -- New Orleans, La. -- Southport Music Hall (with Hinder)
5/02 -- Houston, Texas -- Scout Bar (with Hinder)
5/04 -- San Antonio, Texas -- The Rock Box (with Hinder)
5/05 -- Oklahoma City, Okla. -- Diamond Ballroom (with Hinder)
5/06 -- Dallas, Texas -- Trees (with Hinder)
5/08 -- Lubbock, Texas -- Jake's Backroom (with Hinder)
5/10 -- Colorado Springs, Colo. -- The Black Sheep (with Hinder)
5/11 -- Denver, Colo. -- The Summit Music Hall (with Hinder)
5/15 -- Flint, Mich. -- The Machine Shop (with Hinder)
5/18 -- Libertyville, Ill. -- Austins (with Hinder)
5/19 -- Joliet, Ill. -- The Forge (with Hinder)
5/20 -- Ringle, Wis. -- Q&Z Expo Center (with Hinder)
5/22 -- Baltimore, Md. -- Baltimore Soundstage (with Hinder)
5/25 -- Asbury Park, N.J. -- House of Independents (with Hinder)
5/26 -- Fredericksburg, Va. -- Hard Times Cafe (with Hinder)
5/27 -- Wilmington, N.C. -- The Throne Theater (with Hinder)
5/28 -- Virginia Beach, Va. -- Shakas Live (with Hinder)

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