It's been five years since death metal legends Obituary put out a new album, and in just one week, you'll be able to own their new disc, 'Inked in Blood.' We know the wait can be painful, so we've teamed up with Obituary to bring you a stream of 'Inked in Blood' in full!

No need to wait until Oct. 27, we've got the entire 'Inked in Blood' album right here for your listening pleasure! With 30 years of brutality under their belts, Obituary went to fans to fund 'Inked in Blood.' After hitting their $10,000 goal in under 24 hours, Obituary stretched their goal again and again, promising fans a ton of awesome incentives as the final count soared to more than $60,000.

"After nearly 5 years since the last album, we could not be more excited about the release of 'Inked In Blood' and to get it into the hands of our fans," the band shares. "We spent years creating these songs and really took our time with them once they were written to listen back to them, make changes, 'trim the fat' and to be sure we were happy with all aspects of each song which resulted in an Album the has everything needed to make it a monster of a release. Obituary fans have been waiting a long time for this and we are so excited to finally deliver an album to them that we are super proud of and that they can finally get their hands on and Blast It!"

When asked to describe 'Inked in Blood,' the band responded, "Heavy as a sack of donkey balls."

You heard it, now listen to this exclusive full album stream of Obituary's 'Inked in Blood.' To pre-order a copy of the record, visit iTunes, Amazon or head over to the official Obituary page at Relapse Records.

Obituary, 'Inked in Blood' Full Album Stream

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