If you're not familiar with the black metal psychonauts in Oranssi Pazuzu, allow us to introduce you. The band formed in Finland in 2007, cutting four wildly different, exploratory studio albums since their inception, pushing their own boundaries with each new slab of music. The Kevät / Värimyrsky EP is no exception and these dark, cosmic fiends have found Loudwire to be the proper vessel to offer up an exclusive stream of this latest release.

The first song, "Kevät," is one of Oranssi Pazuzu's most barren tracks, traversing the pitch blackness of space with little haste, employing a rise and fall approach in its wandering intensity. "Värimyrsky" rounds out this EP and feels a little more like standard operating procedure for the group, if such a thing can even be said of their ever-shifting nightmarish concoctions. A dissonant yet catchy melody dominates the back half of the song, dovetailed with a swinging rhythm that is the perfect eruption to the brooding atmosphere in play early on.

"'Kevät,' meaning 'Spring,' is a very bleak and also sorrowful doom song about drowning in a lake because of the weight you carry. It has got lyrics written by Moit [ex-guitarist] and it represents our sound taking a bit different direction than the other tracks from that time. We like this song quite a bit, but never found a proper place for it before," state the band.

"Värimyrsky," which translates to "Color Storm," is about "the feeling of disappointment that launches a desire to dissolve back into natures circulation. Letting wolves rip your mind and letting your liquids spill to the ground, birthing new life that has more meaning."

"The broken statue on the cover represents the same despair these two songs have, shrouding it in the face of forgotten European humanism," further explain Oranssi Pazuzu.

The Kevät / Värimyrsky EP will be pressed onto 10 inch vinyl and sold exclusively at shows on their 2017 tour cycle and can be purchased digitally here. For all tour dates and to keep up with everything else Oranssi Pazuzu are up to, head to the band's Facebook page.

Oranssi Pazuzu have also reissued their first three records and have another new EP, Farmakologinen, on the way. For more information about each release, head to the 20 Buck Spin webstore.

Oranssi Pazuzu, Kevät / Värimyrsky EP Stream

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