The time has almost come! Two of the biggest names in metal festivals are combining this year for one monster weekend. Ozzfest Meets Knotfest will take place over three days later this month and the set times and stage assignments for the bands has been revealed.

The fun starts Friday night (Sept. 23) with a pre-festival concert giving campers on the San Manuel Amphitheater Festival Grounds in San Bernardino, Calif. a chance to check out Armored Saint, Metal Church, Exmortus and Thrown Into Exile. VIP camping lines open at 4PM, with the general camping load-in starting at 5PM and doors opening to the camping kick-off party at 7PM with live music starting at 8PM.

On Saturday (Sept. 24), festival doors will open at 11AM for the Ozzfest portion of the weekend. There will be four stages -- The Lemmy Stage (Main Stage), Side Stage 1, Side Stage 2 and the Nuclear Blast Stage. The latter stage opens Saturday with Still Rebel opening the day at 11:45AM, followed by The Shrine, Kataklysm, Brujeria and Municipal Waste. Side Stage 2 kicks off at 12PM, with Allegaeon, followed by Goatwhore and Hatebreed. Side Stage 1 starts their day with Huntress at 12:32PM, followed by DevilDriver and Suicidal Tendencies. Then all of the focus turns to the Lemmy Stage at 3:40PM with Rival Sons, followed by Black Label Society, Opeth, Megadeth, Disturbed and Black Sabbath. See the Ozzfest lineup below.

Ozzfest Set Times and Stage Assignments (All Times PT)

9:30PM - Black Sabbath (Lemmy Stage)
8PM - Disturbed (Lemmy Stage)
6:40PM - Megadeth (Lemmy Stage)
5:30PM - Opeth (Lemmy Stage)
4:25PM - Black Label Society (Lemmy Stage)
3:40PM - Rival Sons (Lemmy Stage)
2:50PM - Suicidal Tendencies (Side Stage 1)
2:50PM - Municipal Waste (Nuclear Blast Stage)
2:08PM - Hatebreed (Side Stage 2)
2:00PM - Brujeria (Nuclear Blast Stage)
1:36PM - DevilDriver (Side Stage 1)
1:15PM - Kataklysm (Nuclear Blast Stage)
1:04PM - Goatwhore (Side Stage 2)
12:32PM - Huntress (Side Stage 1)
12:30PM - The Shrine (Nuclear Blast Stage)
12PM - Allegaeon (Side Stage 2)
11:45AM - Still Rebel (Nuclear Blast Stage)

On Sunday (Sept. 25), it's time for the Knotfest portion of the weekend, with doors again opening at 11AM. Westfield Massacre will open the day at 11:20AM on the Nuclear Blast Stage, followed by Oni, Sim, Loathe, Carnifex, Combichrist and Whitechapel. Side Stage 2 kicks off next at 12PM with Man With a Mission, followed by Emmure and Overkill. And Side Stage 1 starts at 12:32PM with Butcher Babies, Suicide Silence and Sabaton. The Lemmy Stage gets underway at 3:30PM with Motionless in White, followed by Trivium, Anthrax, Amon Amarth, Slayer and Slipknot. See all of the times and stage assignments for the Knotfest portion below.

Knotfest Set Times and Stage Assignments (All Times PT)

9:30PM - Slipknot (Lemmy Stage)
8PM - Slayer (Lemmy Stage)
6:30PM - Amon Amarth (Lemmy Stage)
5:20PM - Anthrax (Lemmy Stage)
4:15PM - Trivium (Lemmy Stage)
3:45PM - Whitechapel (Nuclear Blast Stage)
3:30PM - Motionless in White (Lemmy Stage)
2:55PM - Combichrist (Nuclear Blast Stage)
2:50PM - Sabaton (Side Stage 1)
2:10PM - Carnifex (Nuclear Blast Stage)
2:08PM - Overkill (Side Stage 2)
1:36PM - Suicide Silence (Side Stage 1)
1:25PM - Loathe (Nuclear Blast Stage)
1:04PM - Emmure (Side Stage 2)
12:40PM - Sim (Nuclear Blast Stage)
12:32PM - Butcher Babies (Side Stage 1)
12PM - Man With a Mission (Side Stage 2)
11:55AM - Oni (Nuclear Blast Stage)
11:20AM - Westfield Massacre (Nuclear Blast Stage)

For ticketing details on the music weekend, check the Ozzfest and Knotfest sites.

Ozzfest 2016 Poster

Ozzfest Meets Knotfest
Ozzfest Meets Knotfest

Knotfest 2016 Poster

Ozzfest Meets Knotfest
Ozzfest Meets Knotfest

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