Black Sabbath have been forced to postpone a number of gigs on their final tour due to vocalist Ozzy Osbourne's health. However, on Sharon Osbourne's TV show, The Talk, she broke the news that Ozzy is recovering nicely and the band will resume touring tomorrow (Feb. 6 ) in Tacoma, Wash.

The legendary metal band has been forced to postpone three Canadian gigs after Ozzy came down with a serious case of sinusitis. Though fans in Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver were unable to see Sabbath, all three shows are promised to be rescheduled.

Sharon revealed that not only did Ozzy have sinusitis, but bronchitis as well. "He's doing so much better," Sharon said. "He had sinusitis, which went to bronchitis and he said that he felt like he had the Pacific Ocean in his ear. And he couldn't hear properly. It's been a nightmare."

She also spoke about Ozzy feeling tremendous guilt over missing the Canadian gigs. "To have a responsibility of performing with his band Black Sabbath, the crew, the fans, even the opening act, just sat at home like this – waiting, waiting, waiting – and he feels that huge responsibility," she said. "He feels guilty for being sick."

As stated, thankfully Black Sabbath will continue rocking North America, resuming the farewell 'The End' tour tomorrow in Tacoma. For a full list of dates, click here.

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