Papa Roach are building toward a new studio album and the group has just unleashed a pair of songs that serve as the introduction to their upcoming effort. The songs are the aggressive and catchy new track "Who Do You Trust," which also comes with a new video seen above, and "Renegade Music," a driving new anthem.

As stated, Papa Roach issued a new video for "Who Do You Trust?" with the guys disguised as members of a news team, one with questionable ethics and a knack for tweaking the truth. Singer Jacoby Shaddix explains, “This song is a statement of engagement. In this day and age, who do you trust? The message of the song is to think for yourself and to trust in yourself, and the imagery of the song matches that. It’s the sea of information, all of if slightly out of focus - and you’re left floating in trying to decide for yourself. Who do you trust?" The track is currently available in a variety of platforms here.

Additional details on the band's still untitled next album have yet to be revealed, but earlier this summer Shaddix spoke about continuing to write and work after the sessions for Crooked Teeth were complete. He referred to the new music the next step in their evolution, adding, "It's a little frightening in a sense at times - like, 'Oh, man. Are people gonna get it?'" he says. "But then we still have the core sound of the band on the record as well. There's a few songs that we're challenging our fans, like, 'Hey, are you gonna come down this road with us?' And the material we're writing we just feel is just great — it's so inspiring and just unique and different and rocking and anthemic and passionate. It's, like, undeniable. I feel like when we wrote the album Getting Away With Murder [2004], it was a pretty bold evolution for the band, especially with a song like 'Scars' at the time for our band. Now when you think of 'Scars' and Papa Roach, that's like the norm; that's who we are. So I'd say the evolution is comparable to that."

Fans can digest the two new songs, with "Renegade Music" available to check out in the Spotify player below. It's available in other platforms at this location.

Papa Roach will finish out 2018 with a brief run of dates this month, kicking off tonight (Oct. 5) in Richmond, Va. They also have December dates in Japan and South Korea. Meanwhile, the band is part of what should be one of the top bills of early 2019, joining with Shinedown and Asking Alexandria for shows in February and March. See all of the band's scheduled stops here.

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