In the second piece of Philip Anselmo's 10-part retrospective on Pantera's seventh album 'Far Beyond Driven,' the legendary frontman discusses 'Becoming.' Second on the album's track listing, 'Becoming' is yet another powerhouse cut, and in this exclusive video, Anselmo describes the song in a way only he can.

'Far Beyond Driven' celebrates its 20th birthday this year. As part of the festivities, Pantera are releasing a special edition of the album, which includes the group's 1994 performance at the Monsters of Rock Festival as an added bonus.

"The most popular heavy metal bands in the world at that time were, in my estimate and definitely all of our estimates, playing the game," Anselmo says. "They had reached this pinnacle; now they were kind of tapering off and writing more commercial stuff, whereas we realized our strong point, once again, was sticking to heavy metal and making it as heavy as our style would allow. Therefore, with 'Becoming,' it is what it says. We were becoming. Honestly, we had arrived."

Watch Philip Anselmo's full commentary on 'Becoming' in the video above and stay tuned for more videos coming this entire week!

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